Hsin-I Huang, Program Director

UPDATE: Congratulations to the finalists! The winner will be announced shortly.

The winner will perform on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019, and will be awarded the $250 first prize.

Competition Rules

Our Young Artist Concerto Competition will be open to instrumental soloists (excluding vocal) ages 13 through 18, currently enrolled in public or private high school or pre-college program within New York State.

1st Prize = $250 plus a performance with the Spectrum Symphony of New York.

Repertoire: Standard concerto repertoire accepted, and newer works are also encouraged. If applicants have any question if a specific piece is acceptable, feel free to email to the director of the program, see below.

The application fee is $50.

1st Round:

Video performance (with accompaniment) of ONE entire movement of the concerto you wish to audition. Submission deadline, January 25th, 2019. Before the deadline, please upload your video to an online media site (like Youtube – videos can be marked private if you wish), then fill out the online application form here:
After we send you an acknowledgement that we have received your application information, then please pay the application fee. [The link to pay the application fee appears at the bottom of this page.]
A publicity photo is not required at this time.

Finals Round:

We will announce up to eight(8) finalists around January 30, 2019, 2 weeks before live auditions. Finalists should be prepared to provide a photograph, which we may use to publicize the competition program and the concert.

Finalists will perform in live auditions to be held Saturday, February 16th only, during afternoon and evening hours, at the National Opera Center. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their adult chaperone at all events.

The judging panel will be made up of members of the Spectrum Symphony, and invited professionals. Soloists must provide their own accompanist.

The winner will be announced by the morning of Feb. 17th. By personal email, website and Facebook page announcements.

REHEARSALS (Subject to change)
a. TBA in early March, 2019
b. Dress, March 13th in the late afternoon.

Wednesday March 13th – at Saint Peter’s Church on 54th Street and Lexington Ave., 7:30 PM
Winning soloist will perform accompanied by the Spectrum Symphony of New York, on a full-length concert program.

For any questions, please email to Hsin-I Huang, Director of the Concerto Competition program at

We look forward to your participation.

You may pay the $50 competition entry fee by clicking the Paypal button here:

*The fine print*
We reserve the right to not select a winner. The application fee is non-refundable; Please only enter if the student and teacher believe the student will be ready to perform their concerto in concert.

About the concerto competition program: The founding executive committee (2017) was made up of David A. Grunberg, Artistic Director, Jan Willem van Bergen Henegouwen, Director of Development, and Susan Heerema, concertmaster of the orchestra. The first winner in 2017 was Naom Ginsparg, cellist, who performed Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations with the orchestra. In early 2018, pianist and adjunct professor Hsin-I Huang was elected onto the board and was appointed as the Director of the Concerto Competition.