“a celebration of broad influence and far flung affinity, generous in scope and presentation.”

A review of Spectrum Symphony’s 4/11/2016 Ginastera centennial concert.

The Spectrum Symphony Deliver An Exhilarating Performance of New and Familiar Favorites

“The Spectrum Symphony of New York put on a tremendous performance including a world premiere as well as two dynamic, electrifying versions of a couple of perennial symphonic favorites … more than hinting at the kind of brilliance they’re capable at their next performance. … conductor David Grunberg led the ensemble tightly and conversationally through the world premiere of the string orchestra arrangement of Ljova Zhurbin‘s Mecklenburg, then the Brahms Double Concerto and an alternatingly lickety-split and ravishing interpretation of the Beethoven Symphony No. 3. …
Violinist Artur Kaganovskiy and cellist Miho Zaitsu joined forces on an acerbically intertwining take of the Brahms Double Concerto. Majestic lushness alternated with plaintive angst through sinuous climbs and tradeoffs as the two soloists dug in hard on the lustrous lament in the second movement, then pulled back as Brahms’ hynmlike raptness took centerstage.”
The Spectrum Symphony Deliver An Exhilarating Performance of New and Familiar Favorites – LucidCulture

A Powerful, Kinetic Performance…

“Makiko Hirata charged through the raging, ominously cascading torrents of the first movement of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3, conductor David Grunberg animatedly leading the Spectrum Symphony through the stormy gusts in tandem with her, through the series of menacing, twistedly marionettish passages. At the end, Hirata’s face lit up in an unselfconsciously triumphant grin as the crowd burst into spontaneous applause. …”
Review of Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 – Lucid Culture

Spectrum Symphony of New York presented a winter concert…

“Bruce Saylor’s Cantilena is a masterful piece, with gorgeous sound from the Spectrum string section, slowly building a songful arch and gracefully flowing forward with crisp yet poignant poetry…”
“The Mozart Violin Concerto, which Artur Kaganovskiy performed … got a most exciting, yet properly measured, performance. Grunberg (conducting from memory) and the Spectrum Symphony nailed Mozart’s great “Jupiter” Symphony – with all of its mercurial changes, subtle coloration, and lyrical songfulness. The orchestra played with precision and enthusiastic fervor. Its performance was positively joyous!”
Review at Soundwordsight.com

Saturday Night Magic with the Spectrum Symphony

“richly captivating” … “the whole orchestra was cohesive, nuanced and responsive to conductor David Grunberg’s matter-of-fact, determined focus” … Saturday Night Magic with the Spectrum Symphony

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